Stroke and Mirror Therapy


Use of Mirror Therapy with Phantom Limb pain is becoming well documented across the Internet as is a growing knowledge base of Mirror Therapy or motor imagery for stroke survivors. We have collated some resources here. If you have any first hand anecdotal or confirmed use of Mirror Therapy, with stroke or any other condition, why not let us know? Complete the comment section of this post and share your vital experience.

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  1. I have a left hand that is affected by a stroke 4.5 years ago. i am trying mirror th. for 4 periods of 15min a day for a total of 1 hour/day. I am committed to do this for 10 weeks.
    Does it work? Not sure but been only at it for 10 days. i know self observation cause-effect is difficult to prove but i suspect my adversion to using my hand has been minimized. Does this mean my hand is “cured”? No it means the resistance to use it may have changed– stay tuned. (I have phd in research design but i am structuring this as research.)

    My real tech question is 4x 15 min/day the appropriate amount? Also, can one push thru spasisity 9which i do) or is this counter productive?


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