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In the Spotlight

How to use a Mirror Box by Dr Ilan Lieberman

See Dr Ilan Lieberbman's video presentation on Mirror Visualisation Therapy; it covers what it is, the history, the theory, the evidence and how it used in the rehabilitation of CRPS, Stroke and rehab after a injury or surgery.

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Mirror Box Therapy

How it Works

It may seem bizarre that something as simple as a mirror can be used in the treatment of phantom limb pain, complex regional pain...


Mrs. C.W. Manchester

“My father who is 66 suffered a sub arachnoid haemorrhage leaving him with a dense left arm weakness and inattention to the left side....

About Visualization Therapy

Mirror box therapy was first described by V.S. Ramachandran for the relief of Phantom Limb Pain, but has since been proven in the treatment of Stroke Rehabilitation, and Complex...

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