Stage 1 – Left/Right Discrimination (Laterality Recognition).

The ability to identify Left and Right can be slower and less accurate in people recovering from a stroke or suffering pain. Clinical trials suggest there is a direct link to the ability to correctly recognize Left and Right to the level of pain. “Orientate” is an App developed to help you achieve this.

Orientate”, is a Laterality Recognition Program that forms part of a Graded Motor Imagery, a rehabilitation program based on clinical trials to treat pain and movement problems.

Laterality recognition or Left / Right Discrimination are known to occur in stroke patients and patients with CRPS/RSD and phantom limb pain. The ability to identify Left or Right is important for normal recovery. Orientate” laterality software provides images of hands and feet in different positions and postures, on nine levels, totalling over one thousand five hundred images.

Research shows the ability to identify Left and Right is slower and less accurate in people suffering from pain, and there is a direct link to the ability to correctly recognize Left and Right to the level of pain. Orientate” has been developed to measure this ability, and help retrain the brain.

Stroke patients may lose the ability to recognize a complete left or right hemisphere. As part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program Orientate” will help to retrain the brain to see and recognize this missing hemisphere and aid the remapping of the brain.

Like all therapies laterality recognition does not always show immediate results. The rate and amount of recovery much depends on the extent of the damage, and the intensity and duration of the therapy you receive. Recovery also is likely to be influenced by personality, life experiences and coping styles. Motivation to recover is a key factor in obtaining an optimal level of rehabilitation.

Orientate App

The purpose of this app is to assist you in encouraging your brain to work more effectively in controlling Pain and limbs.

The science behind laterality recognition and movement control by the brain is in its infancy. We have come to learn over the last couple of decades that the brain is very plastic and has the ability to change.

The aim is that through training by repeatedly viewing a random sample of left or right images the brain gets better at spotting laterality and this in turn assists with improvement in the communication between the motor and sensory parts of the brain associated with normal limb, hand and foot function. In short, the process of getting your brain to assess if an image that is presented to it is a left or right hand or foot may help you to move or more effectively control your own injured hand or foot.

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Orientate is an NHS approved App and is featured on the NHS online data base

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