Caring for your mirror.

Caring for your mirror.

The mirror is a high-quality Acrylic mirror with a vinyl cover for protection during transportation, and when removed you should reveal a clean, scratch free surface.


Your mirror will require no more than a gentle dust and polish and maybe the occasional clean with a proprietary cleaning product.

The most important part of cleaning you mirror is the cloth used, always use cotton wool pads or a clean soft lint free microfiber cloth. Do not use kitchen roll or tissue as this is often harsh and may scratch your mirror.

Occasionally there may be some residue left from the protective cover. There are many household products that will remove this, from simple Olive Oil to dedicated adhesive removers and even WD40.Then a clean with warm soapy water or a proprietary window cleaning product. A list of tested products can be found below. The use of solvents such as Acetone, methylated spirits and paint thinners are not recommended and may cause surface damage.


Fine scratches can be removed using an abrasive cleaner such as metal polish, cream cleaner or even tooth paste. For deeper scratches one of the many commercially available acrylic scratch removers may be required.

Take care when using any cleaning product and always read the instructions.

Below is a list of products we have tested. There are other products and trade names that can do the same job.

Household Product: – 

Olive Oil / Vegetable Oil
Cooking Spray
Silicone Spray
Turpentine Substitute
Petroleum Jelly
Nivea Cream
Hand Lotion
E45 Cream
Perfume / Aftershave 

Dedicated Adhesive Removers. 

Goo Gone
151 Sticker Remover
Peel Easy Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes
Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes 

Proprietary Cleaning Product: – 

Mr Muscle Advanced Power Window & Glass
Astonish Window & Glass Cleaning Spray
Mr Muscle Multi-Task
Dettol Power and Pure Multipurpose Spray