Sam L – Wyndhamvale (physiotherapist)


“I have had a patient who was diagnosed 7 years ago with CRPS of the right upper limb post a rotational injury to the thoracic spine.  This patient has undergone 6 ketamine infusions with generally good effects, however the effect tended to wear off after around 3 months with a gradual return of symptoms.6 months ago when this gradual return recurred I instructed my patient on how to use a mirror box along with its physiological rationale and my patient has only occasional right upper limb symptoms during periods of high stress and has now returned to work for the firts time in 7 years.She continues to use the mirror box up to 3 times a day for 5-10 minute sessions as well as on a prn basis.The compact folding design of this product has also helped her keep it with her at all times as it is highly portable without effecting the usage of the product.I use this with all my patients with CRPS”

Sam L – Wyndhamvale (physiotherapist)


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