Make a Mirror Box


Make a mirror box, There are a number of resources springing up over the Internet instructing people on how to build a Mirror Box. Whilst it may seem the easiest way to get access to Mirror Therapy, we have found that the easiest and convenient way to access Mirror Box Therapy is to use the Folding Mirror Box as provided ready made and fully complete by our sponsors Reflex Pain Management.

Why not make a Mirror Box There are arguments for making your own Mirror Box and the obvious reasons why you should not. Accessing Mirror Therapy is down to your need and your condition. Making a Mirror box may not be a practical option for you. If that is the case have one sent to your door. Let us know your comments on Making your own Mirror box?

This is how the Reflex Mirror Box arrives.

[youtube QCXE3oUILI8 nolink]

Or make you own mirror box.


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